Sustainable Futures

Let op: Vanaf cursusjaar 2023-2024 is de minor Duurzame ontwikkeling vervangen door de minor Sustainable Futures. Hierdoor is het niet meer mogelijk in te schrijven op de minor Duurzame Ontwikkeling. Studenten die nu wel op Duurzame Ontwikkeling al staan ingeschreven kunnen eenvoudig overstappen naar Sustainable Futures.

How can we build sustainable futures? What does it mean to live well within ecological means? What does a sustainable world look like? In what type of sustainable future would you want to live? If you are interested in knowing more about the climate crisis, about how humans affect planetary systems, and what that would mean for societies, this minor is for you.

The most important challenge of the coming decades is the need to craft sustainable futures. Futures that are also just, desirable, and democratic. This challenge requires both deep knowledge of the planet and its systems, as well as a thorough understanding of how societies change and evolve. In the Sustainable Futures minor, you will learn about both to help you contribute to a better future. In the Ways of Knowing track, you can choose courses that introduce the physical causes of climate change and other environmental concerns. In the Ways of Seeing track, you take courses that teach you about how societies respond to environmental fears. In the minor’s core module, finally, you learn about futuring, about how to make futures.

The key aim of this minor is to help you respond to the environmental crises of our time – and to help you build a better future.


More Information

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