Young Innovators explore and creatively contribute to the renewal of their social, economic and natural ecosystems

Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme and participate in the real-life experiences of pioneering communities?  Do you want to do creative and action oriented research with an international group of students? Do you want to deepen your personal leadership and quest for meaning and understanding amidst the complex challenges we and our society’s face? If you are ready to take ownership over your learning journey and co-create this learning community, then join the Young Innovators Programme.


Our world is in need of new kinds of solutions. Much of our ecology, economy, social and political life is based on logics of extraction, exclusion, and even exploitation. Where can we begin to make them more regenerative?

The Young Innovators programme offers you a practical learning journey into social innovation. It invites you to bring systems thinking to the questions of our times, so that we deal with their deeper causes, and not just the symptoms. It will bring you to concrete action, in real places and with real communities. It challenges you to combine your head, heart and hands, so that knowing, caring and doing work together. It asks you to develop personal and community leadership, so that you can shape learning paths for yourself and others. It will draw on your creativity, ownership and care so that we can find starting points for moving towards a more regenerative society through local, small-scale interventions.

In this journey, you will learn how to establish meaningful contact with communities, initiatives and stakeholders. We will offer you workshops and learning spaces to develop skills, practices, and leadership. We will facilitate room for reflexive growth, embodied action, and engaged cooperation. And we will build a community of international, interdisciplinary, caring and pioneering learners.