Are you curious, entrepreneurial, intellectually versatile, socially responsible? Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme, and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries to both research and actively (co-)create innovative initiatives that will make the world a slightly better place? Then the Young Innovators programme might be of interest to you!

Personal leadership and innovation: towards a regenerative society

This year the young innovators program will explore mechanisms of social, ecological, and economic regeneration. We invite you to join an inquiry into the relationships between social, economic, ecological, and personal dimensions of society’s fundamental issues. Using service learning, community development, personal leadership, and creative research, you will be focusing on place-based societal development, working with local communities and stakeholders on regenerative initiatives and interventions. Together with an interdisciplinary team of students and inspiring sessions with coaches and experts you go through the journey of making this world a better place! In 4 modules you will be exploring new ways of approaching societal issues and developing both personal and team interventions in different communities.