Travel Green Grant


Travel to your European exchange or traineeship destination for free

Are you going to a European destination for an Exchange or Traineeship?

Utrecht University aims to be CO² neutral by 2030 and is working towards reducing our institution's current air travel by 50%. As a community, we can all contribute to reducing our climate impact. Therefore, Utrecht University encourages students to travel to their Exchange or Traineeship destination by bus or train. This way you can help to reduce UU’s ecological footprint, and start your stay abroad in an adventurous way.

For academic year 2022-2023, Utrecht University again offers a large number of Travel Green Grants (of max EUR 185 each) for students who choose to take the train or bus to their European study destination.

Who can apply?

  1. Students who have been selected to study at a European partner university through an Exchange Programme.
  2. Students who are going abroad for a traineeship/internship which is part of their study programme at UU.


  • Your Stay Abroad request must be (conditionally) approved in Osiris before you can start the Travel Green Grant application.
  • You are going to a European exchange/traineeship destination (UK, Switzerland and Turkey included).
  • You wish to travel by train or bus as an alternative to flying. 
  • The TGG covers only the way to your Stay Abroad destination, the grant does not cover the return ticket
  • The Travel Green Grant will reimburse the actual cost of the bus/train tickets you used to travel to your Stay Abroad.
  • In case of too many applications, allocation of grants will proceed by lottery.
  • For budgetary reasons, each student may receive the TGG no more than once per study cycle (Bachelor's or Master's).

When to apply?

EXCHANGE in Semester 1 of academic year 22-23

  • Application round 1: 22 June - 6 July (Applicants receive a decision by July 13th at the latest.)
  • Application round 2: 18 July - 1 August (Applicants receive a decision by August 10th at the latest.)

TRAINEESHIP in Semester 1 of academic year 22-23

  • You must apply before 15 November.
  • You should apply as soon as possible, and at least 6 weeks prior to your (estimated) travel date.
  • We aim to give you a decision on your application within two weeks after application, but processing times may be longer in busy periods. 

Students who are going abroad for an Exchange or Traineeship in Semester 2 (i.e. after the Christmas break) may apply in December/January. We will update this page before that time.

How to apply

  • Go to the Stay abroad (Buitenland) section in OSIRIS > Exchange > Grants > choose the Travel Green Grant (option is only visible when applications are open, see above).
  • Fill in the application. Do not forget to click submit! 
  • In your application, you need to estimate your travel costs. Please check ticket prices online using the tips from the Green Office and try to give a realistic amount. 
  • You do not need to e-mail us to confirm your cost estimation, we will judge the fairness of the amount when we process your application.
  • If you have an international (non-Dutch) bank account, you must provide all the bank details asked for in Osiris.
  • We will let you know whether your application has been approved in due course.

Can I choose an Interrail Pass?

You may choose the Interrail Global Pass option (185 Euros) in the application instead of a normal ticket if:

  • the cost of a normal ticket would be 135 Euros or more AND/OR;
  • your journey will take 12 hours or more AND/OR;
  • your journey cannot be completed in one day due to limited travel options for (part of) your journey.
  • If you have another good reason not listed here: e-mail us beforehand to ask permission.

If your journey complies with the above then you may choose this option in your application at the question where you estimate your travel costs. We may adjust your choice if we find your journey is not eligible for the Interrail option.


Have you been awarded a Travel Green Grant?

Buy your tickets

Once you've received news that you have been awarded a Travel Green Grant, you can buy your tickets. 

  • For tips and tricks about green travel, take a look at this page by the UU Green Office. 
  • Stick to your personal TGG budget, which you can find in the e-mail informing you that the grant was awarded to you.
  • Only train and/or bus tickets will be reimbursed. 
  • If your journey consists of multiple parts, you may buy multiple tickets
  • If part of your journey has to be completed by boat or ferry, TGG only covers the train/bus part of the trip. 
  • You may make (multi-day) stops along the way as long as you can do this within your ticket budget (see first point above).
  • Extra travel costs (i.e. non-mandatory place reservations, 1st class upgrades, or additional luggage) will not be reimbursed. 
  • The TGG does not cover (tram/metro/taxi) travel to or from the train station.
  • You may start your trip from another country than the Netherlands, as long as this is not the same country as your destination.
  • If you think there is a good reason why we should approve a higher budget than initially estimated, send us an e-mail. 

Upload the Proof of Payment

After you have arrived at your exchange destination, you will upload the Proof of Payment in Osiris. 

  • You may upload multiple documents if necessary.
  • The cost of your ticket(s), and any extra costs, should be clearly shown. 
  • Your name should be visible on the tickets (if it is not, then also upload a receipt to show that you paid for them).
  • Your travel date(s) should be visible on the ticket.
  • The starting point of your trip and the end point of your trip should be visible (unless you bought an Interrail Pass).
  • If anything is unclear, we may ask additional questions and/or ask you to upload additional documents.


After you have uploaded your tickets, your costs (excluding reservation costs) will be calculated by us based on the price of your tickets, with a maximum of 185 Euros. 

  • You will receive a Grant Agreement stating the Grant Amount, which you will sign and upload again in Osiris.
  • Once we have checked your signed Grant Agreement in Osiris, we will send you a notification to confirm final approval of the grant.
  • Payment-notices are sent to the Financial Department once a month, it may then take UU up to three weeks to further process your payment.

Travel Green Grant Report

A mandatory part of the Travel Green Grant process is the TGG Report. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your experiences with the Travel Green Grant around the time of your return to the Netherlands, this is the TGG Report. The Report will help us to improve the TGG experience for future students, and to measure whether the goals of the Travel Green Grant programme are met. Your anonymised answers may be used for research purposes.

Covid-related travel restrictions

Please be aware that tickets will only be reimbursed after you've travelled to your exchange destination. This means that, should your Stay Abroad be cancelled due to covid-related travel restrictions, we can not reimburse your tickets. We therefore advise you (if possible) to wait with your purchase until you are fairly certain that your exchange will indeed take place. Familiarise yourself with cancellation policies upon purchasing your tickets, and/or look into cancellation insurance. In cases where a late booking (due to insecurities of this kind) results in higher ticket prices than anticipated, please e-mail us. We will judge on a case by case basis whether a budget increase is in order (however, the budget can never exceed 185 Euros). 



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Travel Green Grant

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