Utrecht University participates in the Erasmus+ programme and holds an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education.

Here you can find the information for a mobility grant under the Erasmus+ Programme for your traineeship/internship abroad. The grant is a contribution to cover additional travel and living costs abroad. 

Students preparing a traineeship abroad (placement/research) with a start date before 1 September 2021 or at UK destinations in 2021-2022 can still be considered for an Erasmus+ grant under the current year 2020-2021, as long as you meet everything in the Requirements, Conditions and Application sections below. Please contact the Erasmus+ Office via erasmus@uu.nl for the adjusted application procedure. 

Application in Osiris for Erasmus+ grants for the academic year 2021-2022 (start after 1st of September and not an UK destination) is not yet possible.  In August the information in the sections below will be updated and Osiris will be prepared for 2021-2022 grant applications. Application in Osiris will be possible from 17th of August 2021.

In order to qualify for a grant, you must at least:

  • be registered in a study programme* at bachelor or masters level, or for a supplementary/doctorate programme, which culminates with a diploma from a recognised institution of higher education (pre-master not applicable);
  • have successfully completed a first year of higher education studies and started the second year;
  • register for and complete* a full-time study/work load at the receiving institution/enterprise;
  • be physically present at the receiving institution and undertake your stay abroad in another country than your current country of residence or The Netherlands.

for traineeships

  • a minimum of 5 ECTS per month abroad and 22.5 ECTS in case of a semester (according to the UU academic calendar)
  • a full-time working week according to the common rules in the country of destination
  • minimum duration is 2 months

Programme criteria

  • the traineeship or courses taken at the receiving institution/enterprise must be integrated and recognized in your study programme in Utrecht.*
  • each Erasmus+ grantee must undertake an online language assessment both before and at the end of the mobility period in order to monitor progress in language competences,  if the language of instruction (studies) or communication (traineeship) is Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish or Swedish. Exceptions are made for native speakers in the language.


  • under Erasmus+ the same student may receive grants for mobility periods totalling up to 12 months maximum in each cycle of study (bachelor, master, PhD), irrespective of the number and type of mobility activities. 
  • Utrecht University does not award Erasmus+ Traineeship grants to students who will receive an internship allowance from the receiving organisation as high as the grant amount (see below) or more per month .
  • the option for students to apply for an Erasmus+ grant for a Traineeship within the first year after graduation will not be available in 2020-2021. The limited budget will only be used for traineeships during UU study programmes. 
  • traineeships at the European Union institutions and National Agencies for Erasmus+ are not eligible for Erasmus+ grants.

The grant amounts per month have been determined by the National Agency Erasmus+. In the table below you will find the amounts per study/traineeship month for each of the three country groups.

Prior to departure (if possible) you will receive 80% of the total grant amount: the monthly amount for each full month abroad plus 1/30 of the stated amount for each additional day. 


 for traineeships 

Group 1 - Programme countries with higher living costs
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden
€ 480
Group 2 - Programme countries with medium living costs
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus,  France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain 
€ 420
Group 3 - Programme countries with lower living costs
Bulgaria, Croatia,Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey
€ 360


Special needs grant: students for whom it is impossible to study abroad without additional support, due to any (diagnosed) health-related condition, can apply for extra financial assistance. Please contact erasmus{at}uu.nl for application procedures and conditions. 

Grant application traineeship step-by-step

  1. Before you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant, you need to register your traineeship/internship abroad period in OSIRIS Student. Go to the Stay abroad (Buitenland) section in OSIRIS and start a new request for Internship / research / other stay abroad. Do not forget to submit your application. 

  2. You can continue preparing your grant application (step 3 and 4), but the online application for the Erasmus+ Traineeship grant (step 5) can only be started after your traineeship/internship registration has been approved by your faculty. More information on the internship registration can be obtained at the International Office of your faculty. Please contact them as soon as you have finished step 1. Contact details can be found on this page

  3. Download the Learning agreement for Traineeships 2020-2021 (UK destinations and start beforte 1st of September 2021)
    Download the Learning agreement for Traineeships 2021-2022 (start after 1st of September 2021) 

  4. Fill in the general parts of the document accurately and have it completed and signed by your UU (faculty) exchange coordinator or placement coordinator for the Sending institution and your supervisor/coordinator at the Receiving organisation.
    Digital and scanned signatures are allowed, if necessary you can arrange all per email.

  5. Have your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) ready. You can find this number on your bank card or at your (online) bank statement. You MUST enter your IBAN in the online application, we cannot disburse an Erasmus+ grant without your IBAN. We prefer to transfer the grant to a Dutch bank account, payments to foreign bank account take more time and require more bank details. 

  6. With your IBAN at hand and the Learning agreement Traineeship well prepared, you can start your online grant application in OSIRIS Student. Go to the Stay Abroad (Buitenland) section in OSIRIS and you will find the Grant option behind your Stay abroad request.
    Note: all uploads in OSIRIS have to be in a commonly used format (.docx, .pdf, .jpeg). ZIP files cannot be opened.

  7. Find the time to read the Erasmus+ TRAINEESHIP timeline and instructions, which you will receive with the Conditional grant award. It will guide you through the Erasmus+ process and help you to keep (!) your Erasmus+ grant. For each stage in the procedure a new question or upload option will be opened in Osiris.

  8. Take the (first) online language test as soon as you receive the invitation by email, before the start of your stay abroad (if still possible). Read more on the mandatory language assessment under Programme criteria and in the Erasmus+ TRAINEESHIP timeline and instructions (see 7. above).

Application deadline


For all Erasmus+ traineeship applications

ideally at least 6 weeks prior to departure. If that's not possible,
see below for the final deadlines.

Start before 1st of September 2021  latest 5th of September 2021
Start after 1st of September 2021  latest 5th of October 2021
Start after 1st of October 2021  6 weeks prior to departure and latest 15th of March 2022

After traineeship/internship deadlines


DEADLINES for upload(s) in Osiris 

if your stay abroad ends before 1 February 2022 

1 March 2022 

if your stay abroad ends 1 February 2022 or later

1 July 2022


DEADLINES for upload(s) in Osiris 

if your stay abroad started before 1 September 2021

contact the Erasmus Office for a personal deadline 

if your stay abroad ends after 1 July 2022

contact the Erasmus Office for a personal deadline 

Your Erasmus+ grant has been awarded conditionally and will only be final after uploading and submitting the required report documents and assessments before the published deadlines.

The Timeline and instructions will guide you through all steps you must take to have your Erasmus+ grant awarded definitively. The document for either Erasmus+ STUDIES or TRAINEESHIP has been sent to you by e-mail and can be found here as well, for reference.

Timeline and instructions

  • Please read the instructions carefully.
  • Check the various deadlines.
  • Be aware that some requirements are online reports or assessments, for which you will receive the invitation, link and deadline directly from the European Commission by e-mail.
  • UU formats for the other obligatory report documents can be found below. Do NOT use other formats!

Report document TRAINEESHIP 

Traineeship certificate