Student wellbeing

Do you talk to your friends, family or fellow students about how you are really doing? And if something is not going well, do you discuss this, for example, with your study advisor? Vitality and good (mental) health are crucial ingredients for a fun and effective student life. Your daily life and the challenges that come with it affect this. We believe it is important that we make the conversation about your well-being happen, when things are looking both up and down. Because besides re-organising education, providing guidance and tools as well as knowledge to enhance your wellbeing and gain personal skills, there's also still a lot to gain from creating more awareness and breaking the taboo that often still exists. 

Team student wellbeing offers the possibility to talk to a fellow student or coach, sign up for weekly activities, workshops or study groups, or join us for the Wellbeing Week that is organised twice a year.

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