Information Security - How do I secure my device - Smartphone or tablet

Of course, nobody wants to lose their mobile phone. However, many people forget that, besides the costs and fuss involved, their information could be accessed too. Avoid this by setting an access code (consisting of six figures), a pattern or your finger print! This will stop anyone being able to get to your information.

Encrypt your device

If you are unlucky enough to lose your mobile phone, anyone who gets their hands on it could access the memory card in your phone. So, it’s vital to encrypt your mobile device.

  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, don’t worry: these are already encrypted as standard.
  • If you have an Android device (Samsung, for example): activate encryption for your memory card manually. Look for 'Encrypt SD Card' in the settings menu.

Remote search or wipe

If you lose your phone, you will want to locate it as soon as possible – and maybe even wipe it clean (and lock it down). There’s no time to waste in situations like this. Read on for instructions on how to do all of the above, because you’ll need to change some of the settings on your phone.

Proceed as follows if you have an iPhone:

Proceed as follows if you have an Android phone