Investigate what happens and what matters in the city

UniCity is a study and research programme that connects the university with Utrecht city. A programme that lets you experience what your unique academic vision and contribution is as an Utrecht University student and resident of Utrecht.

What can you expect?

We search and research together – as a collective of students, residents, and researchers – what goes on in the city in all of its diversity and dynamism. Our starting point is open and we let ourselves be guided during the project by what participants observe and engage with in terms of social activities, spatial surroundings and the ecology of the city. To understand what goes on in the city, we bridge disciplines and societal perspectives, and create products that make academic insights accessible to wider audiences.

Open-ended research

As a participant of UniCity you join one of the continuous urban research project in which students form a close-knit research group with a high degree of autonomy. Together you will go into the city to start a conversation with and learn from other residents. We collaboratively decide what research question may be relevant to further investigate and pave new academic pathways to gain insight into local themes from different disciplinary and experiential perspectives.

More information

For more information go to the Dutch version of this page by clicking on 'Nederlands' at the top of this page or contact the programme coordinators Sanne Akkerman, Jeroen Vermeulen and Ivar Troost at honourscollege@uu.nl.