Covid-19 update:

Trips abroad for education (this includes internships, exchanges or fieldwork) to areas with an orange or red travel advice are not allowed. We follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No exceptions are made for students who have been vaccinated against corona. They must also conform to the travel advice.

Internships help you explore the practical value of your university education. Some useful information:

  • You can look for internships through Google, your own network, online internship databases, your lecturers, your student association, organisations such as Integrand (Dutch private sector) and Aiesec (International internships) and on the Career Services internship database
  • When organising your internship, you can use a standard UU agreement (in Dutch or in English).
  • Your career officer will be able to help you with a CV check.
  • According to Dutch law (art. 7:661 lid 1 Burgelijk Wetboek) the student-trainee that causes damage to the host organisation during his/her internship is, in principle, not liable for this.


See your own programme for more info