Information Security - Protect yourself against - Identity fraud

You're a victim of identity fraud when someone misuses your identity. Think about getting a telephone subscription or loan in your name. You can limit the risk of identity fraud. 

How do I prevent this? 

Don't just make a copy of your passport

​With a copy of your passport (or ID-certificate) someone can pretend to be you. Think of buying stuff (without paying), or taking out a subscription under your name. Almost a third of identity fraud started with having a copy made of the passport. Online you may also be asked to send a copy of your passport (e.g. when booking, registering or signing a rental contract). Never do this just like that!

Still need a copy? Use the special app of the national government to make a copy (Dutch).

Do not share your username and password

Whether it's from your email, Solis-id, or bank: never share your password with anyone. Store them securely and use two-factor authentication (2FA) where possible. 

Check if a website is safe and genuine

Sometimes you have to log in to a site or enter your personal details. Think of internet banking, online shopping, etc. Always check if: