Themes and lines of action UU

Drie studenten die een groot logo van de UU boven hun hoofd houden

The National Education Programme was set up by the Dutch Government to support student wellbeing, and to help strengthen the connection with your study programme during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This is done based on themes, all of which should be seen through the perspective of the corona pandemic.


Theme 1: Facilitating entry and transition

The objective of this theme is to contribute to a smooth transition for (prospective) students between their previous education and a university study programme. Efforts are made to ensure that (prospective) students have the right skills to start, continue and complete their studies. There is a strong educational component to this theme. Projects that are supported:

  • 1a. For students in secondary education: developing academic skills, study skills, subject-based education and equity (no funding available anymore).
  • 1b. For UU students: the development of study skills, study career advice, online statistics modules, extra thesis groups, skill-boost training for graduates and improving the flow between Utrecht University and UU.

Theme 2: Student wellbeing and social commitment to the study programme

With this theme, we want to ensure that students feel welcome and at home in their studies and at the university and that they can develop well despite the aftermath of the pandemic. Within theme 2 there are two lines of action:

  • 2a. Community building: meeting each other and getting to know each other, e.g. introduction times, social apps, living rooms (no funding available anymore). 
  • 2b. Welfare, personal development and guidance. For example, through additional psychologists, counselors, training & coaching, mental and physical health activities, and sport & culture.

Theme 3: Support and guidance in the field of medical internships (UMC Utrecht)

Theme 4: Teacher training (Graduate School of Teaching)