TMA Talent Analysis

Increase your chances of finding a job that fits you

With the TMA Talent Analysis you can map out your talents and drives. It works as follows. You create an account and receive 170 questions to answer. The results give you insight into the things and work you are good at and have a high chance of becoming good at. Please note: filling in the questionnaire requires concentration and takes about 20 - 30 minutes. It is best to do this on your laptop in a quiet place.

Do the TMA Talent Analysis

Find out what you can do with your new insights

After you answer the questions, you will be taken to a platform with your results including explanations. It is possible to download a report with your results from the website.

This is what your fellow students said about the added value of TMA: 

"The test report itself offered comprehensive insights not only into my personality, but also into how the identified aspects of my personality manifest themselves in the workplace. Moreover, I got useful suggestions on what types of working environments are best suited for me, which I will use as criteria when searching for a job. And I simply enjoyed the cosy atmosphere of the workshops, thanks to my peers, but especially to Jan Pieter, who is a lively, knowledgeable and friendly trainer."

"The TMA talent analysis made me realize where my conscious, but especially also my unconscious talents lie. Via the accompanying, extensive and very clear report you receive additional explanation on how you can best apply your talents. This makes you genuinely better able to carry out your study/work based on your talents, so that you can be more effective and have more fun at work. The result seems logical to me!"

"Think you know yourself well? Take the TMA Talent Analysis and find out what even you didn't know about yourself."

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