Hopefully your stay in the Netherlands will be without any health or safety problems. Most likely this will be the case. However, should you need any medical assistance or emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade), here is some useful information.

  • Ambulance, police or fire brigade: call 112 (this is the general European emergency number).
  • For police matters that are not an emergency: call 0900-8844.
  • Utrecht University Security: call 030-253 4444 or call 4444 from a campus phone.

Note: do NOT go to a hospital emergency room unless you have an actual emergency. To see a doctor/General Practitioner during the weekend or at night you should go to a Huisartsenpost (Out-of-Hours GP Services) or call 0900-4501450. 

If you need to find a doctor, dentist or pharmacy in the area where you live, you can find one in the yellow pages: www.goudengids.nl. Here are some useful Dutch terms to help you in your search:

  • Doctor/General Practitioner = Dokter/Huisarts
  • Dentist = Tandarts
  • Pharmacy = Apotheek
  • Hospital = Ziekenhuis
  • Emergency Room = Eerste Hulp
  • Out-of-Hours GP Services = Huisartsenpost

We recommended that you register with a General Practitioner (GP), as they serve a gate-keeping function within the medical system and must be consulted first to receive a referral to a specialist. If you are looking for a GP, you can go to:

  • Galgenwaard clinic. This practice is located near the Uithof, and offers a broad range of medical services.
  • Campus de Uithof GP office. They have two locations, one in the Uithof in the Casa Confetti building at Leuvenplein 10-11 (at the Heidelberglaan) and one in the city centre at Nobelstraat 2A (near Janskerkhof). 

Insurance company AON has made special arrangements with the Galgenwaard clinic so that students insured through them can have their medical bills paid directly by AON.