Study delay

Study delay can be caused by different circumstances and situations and can have serious consequences. Always contact your study advisor. In certain cases you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Reasons for study delay

There are all kinds of reasons that may cause a study delay.

  • Disability (such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism (ASD), diabetes, Crohn’s disease, persistent depressive disorders)
  • Illness (e.g. Pfeiffer, burnout, bone fracture)
  • Exceptional family circumstances (such as illness or death of a parent, informal care)
  • Gender transition
  • Pregnancy (and studying as a parent) 
  • Programme offering insufficient opportunity for completion (such as waiting times for medicine or veterinary medicine residencies)
  • Other exceptional circumstances (such as a study delay because your room has been destroyed by fire)

To be eligible for financial compensation, it is important that you contact your study advisor in good time. You must of course comply with the formal conditions.

DUO also offers various options if your studies are delayed due to exceptional circumstances. If you would like to know more, make an appointment with a student counsellor via Student Services.

Study problems

Sometimes you will fall behind in your studies due to study problems. Help for this is available from the university to prevent or limit your study delay. You can receive writing tutoring and study coaching through the Skills Lab, where supervisors and trainers can help you learn to deal with certain pitfalls and problems in your studies.

Board activities

Students who are members of a board or an employee and student representation body may be eligible for financial support (Compensation for board activities) from Utrecht University. Board members of student organisations can find more information at 

Elite Sports Students

To be eligible for elite sports facilities at Utrecht University, first you must make an appointment with a student counsellor for Elite Sports. As an elite sports student, in certain cases you will be eligible for financial compensation.

Other consequences of study delay

Study delay may have other unforeseen consequences apart from practical ones. Do you feel lonely because you are not keeping pace with your fellow students? If so, take a look at the options for student wellbeing. For psychological problems you can make an individual appointment with one of the student psychologists. Also see our information on financial matters. For any other questions, please go to the Who to contact webpage of UU to find the right person who can help you.