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Utrecht University offers several honours programmes for students looking for an extra avenue to nurture their curiosity and foster their personal development.

University-wide or Disciplinary?  

You can opt for an honours programme within your own Bachelor's or Master programme, or for an interdisciplinary honours programme.

Selection and Application 

Each honours programme has its own admission requirements. In general, your motivation is the most important selection criterium.

Honours Certificate

If you successfully complete an honours programme you receive an honours certificate, which could enhance your opportunities in the labour market.

Honours Community

Students, lecturers and alumni together form an honours community within the honours education, in which they inspire and encourage each other. Those in the honours community are in frequent contact, and thus able to motivate one another and gain valuable insight from each other's knowledge and passions. Due to the large international intake, the honours community has a diverse character.

Honours Study Grant: First-generation students

The UU Honours College has funds available to support first-generation students who want to follow an honours programme.

All UU honours programmes are free to follow, however, this grant can be used to support additional costs that may arise during excursions within the programme. The grant can also help compensate for the potential dip in income received from a part-time job, due to the necessary time investments of an honours programme.

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