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All fees are allocated. It is no longer possible to start an application in Osiris.

Mensen, die actief aan het luisteren zijn op een internationale conferentie

Are you a master's student at Utrecht University? Then you can apply for a fee to attend a conference, congress, seminar or other type of meeting within Europe. At an international conference, you will experience your field of expertise from a different perspective. You learn about innovations and make contacts that could be valuable for your career.

Fees are available for 75 master's students at Utrecht University. The university will reimburse a maximum of € 500 per person for travel, accommodation and entrance fees to the European conference between 11 January 2023 and 31 August 2023. Are you interested? Check the conditions.

Number of fees available at the moment: 0.


  1. You are enrolled as a student in a master's programme at Utrecht University in the academic year 2022-2023.
  2. It is your first application for this programme.
  3. The chosen European conference will take place between 11 January 2023 and 31 August 2023 outside the Netherlands.
  4. You will travel in a sustainable way (this is a strict requirement for receiving the fee!).
  5. The chosen European conference will contribute to the broadening or deepening of your academic skills, knowledge or network. This should be included in your motivation letter.
  6. You submit an estimate of the costs for travel, accommodation and entrance in advance. All personal expenses, such as meals, excursions etc., are to be paid for by you.
  7. You have a cancellation insurance, or you make sure that you arrange a cancellation insurance before the start of your trip. See the disclaimer below.
  8. During your trip you share a daily post about your experiences in the LinkedIn group Craving Science? Discover Conferences! (100-200 words and a photo or video).
  9. After your return, you submit a specification of the costs you made, which are covered by the fee within two weeks.

Tips for sustainable travel

We expect you to travel to your destination in a sustainable way. By travelling sustainably, you as a student can help to reduce UU’s ecological footprint and at the same time, get the opportunity to start your experience abroad in an adventurous way. Information about different ways of transportation can be found online, for example via or Check out the tips & tricks for sustainable travel from the Green Office.

Disclaimer for cancellation of the conference

The fee will be awarded based on the information provided by you. If a conference cannot take place due to circumstances, such as corona measures, the full fee will be cancelled. Taking out cancellation insurance is therefore mandatory. It is not allowed to use the fee to claim a voucher or other alternative in case of cancellation. Please pay close attention to the cancellation conditions of your chosen conference.

Sign up

Do you meet the conditions? Sign up as soon as the application portal opens, 11 January 2023. To make it easy for you, there are templates for your motivation letter and financial scheme. Fill these out and upload them during your application.

I request a fee

Go to Case - Start Case - Financial Matters and look for Craving Science? Discover Conferences!

Template motivation letter
Template financial scheme

Why does Utrecht University award these fees?

We value interdisciplinary education and encourage students to have an inquisitive and inclusive view of the world. International knowledge and intercultural skills are part of this. The fees are only available in this academic year. You will not be able to make use of them after 31 August 2023 because they are funded by the National Education Programme

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