NB: The testing portal is renewed and it is possible to take the tests. However, please be aware that its functions are being finetuned in the upcoming period. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at careerservices@uu.nl.

In order to get a better impression of your 'professional' self you can take several tests in the Career Services testing portal.

  • Career Check: Find out where you're at in the process of career oriëntation. Fill in the questions and get answers and tips for follow-up actions.
  • Photo Interest Test: Where are your interests? The Photo interest test gives you a quick and broad indication of your interests.
  • Professional Orientation: What are your interests and what are you good at? What suits you? With the test you’ll gain insights into which activities and professions best match your personality.
  • Working Values: What are your work values? This questionnaire provides insights into your various motivations. Important factors for success at work are motivation and involvement in work performance.
  • Competency Test: Which competencies are important in your work and to what extent do you already possess them? You can use the results in your opening pitch and at the same time indicate where you would like to develop further.
  • Work Styles: What are your personal pitfalls and what are the positive aspects of your own work style? The test shows you which style or styles suit you best and also which points you can improve on.

If you wish to discuss the results of your tests with one of the Career Officers, you are welcome to book an appointment.