Your complaint about the faculty may relate to one of the following:

  • Supervision of your thesis or practical
  • Failure to provide educational activities or administer examinations as scheduled
  • Behaviour of a member of academic teaching staff or another member of staff
  • Inadequate or non-existent facilities
  • Availability of facilities
  • Response to a letter


If you have a complaint or a suggestion, there are various courses of action available. You may opt for an informal approach: finding out whether the faculty Student Services can deal with your complaint, suggestion or comment about education and related issues. If this is not possible in the short term, it will ensure that your complaint is passed on to the appropriate person. You can also approach the person who caused the problem and attempt to reach an amicable solution with them.


If you consider the complaint to be serious enough, or if it has not been solved to your satisfaction, you can submit a formal complaint. Formal complaints are submitted using the digital complaints form.
Your complaint will be dealt with by the faculty complaints coordinator.

The formal complaints procedure will then take place as follows:

  • A copy of the complaint will be sent to the person to whom the complaint refers.
  • The complaints coordinator in your faculty will ask both you and the person you are complaining about for an explanation/reaction (i.e. you will both be ‘heard’).
  • The complaints coordinator then draws up recommendations for the Dean of the faculty.
  • The Dean will consider the complaint formally.

Dealing with the complaint must take no longer than 10 weeks.
It is, of course, possible for a solution to be found during the procedure. The procedure can then be terminated.

If you believe your case has not been handled properly, you can turn to:

The National Ombudsman
Postbus 93122
2509 AC The Hague
T: +31 70 356 3563