Wellbeing Week

The 11th edition of the UU Wellbeing Week(s) will take place from April 29 to May 8 2024. 

The Wellbeing Week(s) offers an extensive program designed especially for you, crafted to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. Our goal is to address various dimensions of wellbeing, encompassing mental, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing, as well as financial, environmental, occupational, and intellectual wellbeing.

You can sign up for activities free of charge. Below, you can find the programme for the upcoming edition.

Check out the programme for the upcoming edition


Since the November edition of 2023, the UU Wellbeing Week(s) have used a new theme per edition. For this edition of the UU Wellbeing Week(s), we pose the question: “Who are UU?”.

Life is fundamentally about growth. From infancy to childhood, and beyond, our environment continually shapes us. Our upbringing, whether in a nurturing family or one filled with challenges, influences us. Our heritage, culture, and society also play significant roles in molding our self-perception. After encountering a challenging life event, we might feel as though we’ve lost our sense of self. While some aspects of this are unique to us and tied to our individual life aspirations, others might be shared with others.
In our youth, our sense of self is fluid, changing with fleeting interests. Self-development occurs at varying rates and intensities for everyone. We juggle our studies, work, relationships, and more. These responsibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming. Especially during these times, it’s crucial to prioritize our wellbeing and ask ourselves what we need and how we can achieve happiness. Explore a new hobby and develop new skills. Registration for the Wellbeing Week(s) opens on April 24th.