Honours Student Council

UU Honours Student Council 2021/2022

Composed of students from various faculty and interdisciplinary honours programmes, the UU Honours Student Council is the point of contact for all honours programmes and its students. The council advocates for the honours community, which consists of students of all honours programmes at Utrecht University. The council organises social and educational events, as well as offering advice about honours education to the Honours Dean.

Honours Student Council 2021

The council of the year 2021/2022 consists of:

Michelle Popov – Chair – Fac. of Social Sciences
Amira – Secretary – Fac. of Law, Economics and Governance
Auke Heerdink – Treasurer – Fac. of Science 
Ayse Begüm Yalçın – Coordinator Education – Fac. of Science 
Iris Veenvliet – Coordinator Social Events - Fac. of Geosciences 
Oishika Basak – Coordinator Communication – Fac. of Geosciences 

All honours students can reach out to the Honours Student Council with remarks about the honours education. The council can be reached via email at honourscouncil@uu.nl.

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