The UU Honours Student Council was founded in 2018 and advices the Honours Dean on matters concerning honours education.

Members of the council are students from all faculties and programmes of Utrecht University. With this the university strengthens the honourscommunity and enhances exchange of knowledge between the different honours programmes.



Members of the council

Geosciences: Brandon Whitley

Utrecht Law College: Marc Hanna

Veterinary Medicine: Bart Veenstra

Social sciences: Laura van Stein

UCU: Emma Johnson

Humanities: Moise Veldema

Biomedical Sciences: Joost Smeets

Descartes: Dasja Planidina

Science: Renee Hoffenkamp

Leiderschapsprogramma: Eva Grosfeld

Young Innovators: Priyanka Singhvi

B&O Academy: Nina Ruijfrok

Da Vinci Project: Sophia Zayets

Utrecht School of Economics: Alexander Loozeman