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Find all activities from the December Calendar that will take place online here.

7 December | Outdoor swimming
Find tips from a professional outdoor swimmer on our Instagram on December 7. In advance of the preparations for the New Year's dive - a Dutch tradition!

8 December | Dr. Luzia Heu
Luzia Heu is an intercultural psychologist at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. She researches loneliness - including among young people - and social relationships and cultural norms related to social relationships. On 8 December, we will share a video on our TikTok where dr. Heu will address the issue.
More information on what loneliness is, different causes of loneliness or possible remedies to loneliness can be found here. In 42 videos, people from India, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria and Austria share their experiences.

If you would like support with your loneliness:
- The Clinical Skills Lab-Clinical Psychology and the Student Wellbeing-Team sometimes offer support groups for lonely students. 

If you would like to share your experiences: 
- We are currently looking for creative contributions for an art project / exhibition about loneliness and feeling different.  
- We are soon looking for Dutch participants in interviews about loneliness and “feeling different” (you don’t need to have much experience with these topics yourself to participate). If you are between 16 and 30 years old and would like to participate in this research project, email Luzia: L.C.Heu@uu.nl 
- We are currently developing a questionnaire to assess loneliness causes. If you would like to contribute your experiences and perhaps better understand your past or current loneliness, please fill in our survey (in English). The questionnaire is not yet sufficiently developed for you to receive feedback afterwards but answering questions themselves can already be insightful. 

11 December | UU TOP2000
On 11 December, we will share the UU TOP2000. This one has been compiled by students and staff - enjoy! Listen to the UU TOP2000 playlist here.

15 December | Talk with Els Visser
Els comes online to tell you what it was like to be one of the few to survive a shipwreck. She takes you to the cold water in Indonesia and, meanwhile, can tell you clearly about that moment in 2014, after which everything changed. Els was still studying medicine in 2014 and started running to take her mind off things. In 2017, she finished fourth in her very first Ironman,
seemingly 'out of nowhere' and she discovers her true talent: triathlon. Els becomes a professional triathlete and just three years after her very first race, she finishes 16th at the world championships in Kona, Hawaii.
Meanwhile, she has been promoted, but Els wants to use her stage as a triathlete in the coming years to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. And eventually, of course, Els wants to be on that ultimate podium at Kona. Come hear Els' story and ask all the questions you want to ask such an adventurous woman! Pleas note, her talk will be in Dutch.

19 December | Cooking with Rubbe
The dark, cold weather calls for comfort food, but your wallet can’t always handle sushi, cheese fondue or expensive stews. Chef Ruben Blokhuis normally cooks heavenly in Bistro Madeleine on the Wed, but just this once he exchanges his chef hat for a student meal. He tells us all the ins and outs for a fantastic onion soup and how to cut the perfect bell pepper for a couscous salad.

Oh and, you may also know Ruben as coachrubbe from the television series Kelderklasse 15. These two dishes are extremely suitable for his top players and will help them get back up in the ranking.

21 December | UCentraal webinar
During UCentraal's digital guest lesson in collaboration with De Geldzaak, students will be given tips and information on their money matters. As a student, how do you balance your income and expenditure? How do you make ends meet on a student budget and keep your student loans within limits? And how do you make sure you also save for unforeseen expenses? Please note: this webinar is given in Dutch 
Free | Online | 16.00-17.30 |

29 December | Baking doughnuts (oliebollen)
On 29 December, a video about baking your own oliebollen (doughnuts) will appear here. Never done it before? This is your chance to try!

30 December | New Year's resolutions
Do you already have New Year's resolutions for 2023? Do you already know what you want to get out of the new year? Share your resolutions in the comments on Instagram or get inspiration there!

31 December | New Year's resolution
The last day of 2022 means only one thing: the new year is just around the corner. We would like to end 2022 with a beautiful message.

January 1 | New Year's dive with FrisseDuik
Yes you are going to take a New Year's dive today. To prepare you well, I share the list below with you. What do you need in your swimming bag:

  • A spacious preferably waterproof bag, can also be a shopping bag if that's easier for you. 
  • Swimwear  
  • Flip-flops are nice to wear 
  • Wear spacious clothes that you can easily put back on 
  • Thermal clothing 
  • Wear boots or Crocs, at least no lace-up shoes. 
  • A swimming cap or hat, through your head you cool down the fastest. 
  • A windproof jacket, the wind is your biggest challenge 
  • A swimming poncho and or lots of towels 
  • Something warm to drink 
  • A small snack, believe me you get very hungry from the cold water 
  • If you have thermo socks and/or thermo gloves, you can of course bring them along. 

Other than that: just enjoy yourself. New year, new beginning. Today starts your outdoor swimming season. Note: do not go the cold outdoor water (about 6 degrees) if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant, have just had an operation, have a fever or are epileptic.

Other tips:

  • When I take off my jacket, I close the zipper again, because my hands will be so cold after taking the dip that I won't be able to close it then.
  • Don't lay your stuff on the ground, because it will get very cold. Put it in a bag instead!
  • Do a short warming-up beforehand, like jumping jacks or high knees.
  • Keep your head warm! You'll lose most of your warmth there, so put on a swimming cap or any kind of beanie.
  • If you brought a hot drink, open the cap so you'll be able to drink it as soon as you come out of the water.
  • Scared of the cold? Look at your surroundings, not at the water when you walk in.
  • Bring a bottle of warm water and throw it over yourself when you get out of the cold water. This way, the worst cramps disappear. 
  • Get out of your wet clothes and into your warm, dry clothes.