The major (specialisation) covers 75% of your Bachelor's programme. The other 25% is optional course profile (electives), in which you can freely choose courses that match your talents and ambitions. Be it individual courses or a coherent package of courses: a minor. Utrecht University offers a wide arrange of over 100 minors.


There are different types of Master's programmes within Utrecht University: academic, research and educative masters. The university also offers Pre-Master's programmes for students who are not directly admissible to a Master's programme.

Broadening your horizon

You can fill in your eletives by doing an internship or taking courses at another institution of higher education in the Netherlands or go study abroad. The university offers honours programmes for very talented Bachelors's and Master's students.

Other education

You can come and study at Utrecht University as an international exchange student. It is possible to take on or more (paid or unpaid) non-degree courses. This differs per faculty. The university also offers PhD programmes.

Directly to your study programme
Choosing a Bachelor's programme?

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Choosing a Master's programme?

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