If you are making little or no progress with your studies because of illness, it is easy to fall behind. For your degree programme, it is important to keep track of this period in which you cannot perform well.

Illness includes both physical and psychological problems. Examples include surgical operations or glandular fever. Psychological problems, temporary or otherwise, are also considered illnesses. 

First point of contact

If you expect that your illness will prevent you from studying for one month or longer, contact your programme study advisor as soon as possible. Together with your study advisor, you can discuss ways of minimising delays in your studies.

Advice and facilities

The available options include:

  • Modifying your study programme
  • Special facilities (e.g. additional support)
  • Referral to a Student Counsellor. To schedule an appointment please contact Student Services. You can also schedule an appointment without a referral.
  • Referral to a Student Psychologist. You can also schedule an appointment without a referral.

Please note! The information below only applies to students who receive a student grant from DUO.

Financial matters

If you are ill, you may be eligible for financial compensation from Utrecht University. You can receive this financial assistance for the period in which you are ill, provided you also fell behind in your studies during that period and you receive financial support in the form of a grant. It is compulsory to notify the Study Advisor if your studies are likely to be delayed by more than three months. Read more information.

Extending the deadline for obtaining a diploma

If your illness is likely to prevent you from earning your diploma within 10 years (Performance-related student grant DUO), you may be eligible for an extension to the deadline for obtaining a diploma. Contact a Student Counsellor at Student Services.