Rest and relaxation

Student mental health came into focus more than ever during and after the pandemic. Not surprising, considering students are increasingly experiencing problems around stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health complaints. As many as 97% of students experience stress1 and 68% report emotional exhaustion according to Trimbos.2 

Stress is not always unhealthy. People need a certain amount of stress to function properly.3 But if you experience stress too much or for too long, it can become a problem. Some complaints require the help of, for example, a student psychologist, coach or general practitioner. Other problems can perhaps be helped by working with tools around the themes rest and relaxation. 

Below is an overview of resources around stress, anxiety, worrying, mood and depression, mindfulness and meditation.


Challenges and E-modules





Self Tests

Please note: the tips and tools we provide on this page are intended only as general advice for getting started on your own and should not be considered exhaustive. The list is based on our own knowledge and experiences with the resources, and while we do our best to provide accurate and relevant information, we cannot guarantee that the tips provided are suitable for your specific situation. If you need more help or advice for your individual situation, find who to contact here.