Studying without Limitations is a peer to peer group for students with a disability.

Who are we and what do we do?

Moving into lodgings for the first time, going out with friends, meeting many new people and discovering what your passion actually is. Student life is challenging and actually requires a lot of energy.
As a student with a disability, you often get additional challenges. Attending classes, giving presentations or having exams: they are activities that do not always come naturally to this group of students. You could sometimes use some help with that, and we can offer you that help. We can help you by sharing our experiences and supporting you, with the goal being that you can better handle these additional challenges. We see that students with disabilities do not always know who they can talk to. On top of that, it can be very confrontational to come out in public with your disability. A number of matters we can help you with:

  • Who can I contact if I have a disability?
  • Which resources are available to students with disabilities?
  • How do I deal with my disability in matters such as lodgings, work or student life?

We want to help students with disabilities with tips and information on how they can complete their studies as unhindered as possible!

What is a disability?

A disability is a permanent condition (determined by an expert) that can affect a student in his or her participation in education. This is the definition that is used by Utrecht University, the Studying Without Limitations also welcomes students that experience temporary circumstances. Also students with an interest in disabilities are welcome.

Would you like to contact us? Please email us:

Buddy Programme

The buddy program is made by students and for students with a disability. Do you want someone to listen to you, someone to make an organized schedule or someone to study with? A buddy might be something for you! Read more.

Training, Internships and traineeships

Almost or just graduated? Looking for an internship for your study or are you ready for your first job? In cooperation with Career Services, Studying without Limitations offers several trainings, internships and traineeships for students and alumni with a disability.

Please note that the current trainings are in Dutch. Email us if you want to follow a training in English.

Curious what will be added on the agenda these coming weeks or do you have questions about internships/traineeships? Email us:


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Due to the frequency of our newsletter, it is often not possible to distribute a message in it about an activity that will take place in the near future.