Navigating Insecure Futures

Strengthen community, develop resilience, and practice hope.

Navigating Insecure Futures is an honours programme open to all UU bachelor students. In a world where political polarisation, global inequality, and climatic crises are ever-present, this programme offers a unique space to find agency for the challenges ahead of us.

Personal Leadership in Insecure Futures

Most of our responses to our insecure future are rightly focused on the macro-level, but how do we respond to our insecure futures at the level of our communities, our personal lives, and the places we inhabit? How can we develop practical leadership for stepping into these futures? This programme offers a range of learning spaces for developing such leadership. 

Reflexive Learning

We encourage students to become leaders in their education and challenge them to bridge the gaps between academia and the outside world, the personal and the political, the macro and the micro, and the university disciplines.

Moreover, students are invited to bridge ‘head, hands, and hearts’: to bring together knowledge, embodied practices, emotions, and care. As such, it brings together academic knowledge, community-engaged learning, and reflexive practice. We base much of the programme on 'world-centered education' and 'responsibility as the ability to respond’.

Programme Structure

The programme has a flexible structure that allows for experimentation, deeper learning, and integration of results. Navigating I.F. offers four courses in total, each worth 7.5 EC. There will be two courses per semester. It is not necessary to complete all four courses, you may choose which one(s) suit your interests best. 

First Semester Courses

Second Semester Courses