Do you need a statement of your student records? Here is how to obtain one of these.

If you require a statement of completed courses, examinations or obtained grades (transcript), you can contact your Faculty Student Desk.

You can request a statement of your enrolment period in a study or PhD programme via this online form.

If you have a DigiD and graduated after 1 January 1996, you can obtain a statement of obtained degree directly from the DUO diploma registry (in Dutch).

If you do not have a DigiD or if you graduated before 1 January 1996, you can request it via this online form.

As of October 2019 it is no longer possible for third parties to ask for verification of student records, due to stricter privacy laws. Candidates can request a statement of the required data themselves (see above).

Please note! Only for PhD candidates is it still possible for third parties -for a fee ánd with signed consent- to request degree verification via this online form

Do you need a different type of statement or document with regards to your tuition fees, diploma or other student records? Then please visit our Verification page for more options.