This is UU-week 2023

On 18, 19 and 20 April 2023, the This is UU-week took place! This week was all about meeting and getting to know fellow students, the University and its student life!

Check the programme of This is UU-week 2023 here

What is This is UU-week?

During the This is UU-week, all kinds of fun activities are organised by the UU in collaboration with student organisations, Parnassos and Olympos! The activities are tailored to your needs as a student. The activities are also aimed at introducing you to fellow students with similar interests. Read and watch below to get an impression of the last edition in April!

    Programme This is UU 2023

    Culture@Parnassos - Tuesday 18 April

    • 10:15-17:30 You could participate in one or more workshops, such as: Burlesque, Botanical illustration, Afro dance, Photography with your smartphone, Theatre, Poetry and more.
    • 17:30-22:30 Open rehearsals of student music and theatre associations like Dekoor Close Harmony, Medusa, Kunstorkest, and Theatre Sport TSGP. Followed by the Iftar get together in the CultUUr Café to meet and eat with other students.

    Sports@Olympos - Wednesday 19 April

    12:45-17:00 This day also featured several workshops, including: Streetdance, Wheelchair Basketball, Pole Fitness, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Strength workout, MMA, Cycling, Disco Spinning, Cheerleading, Squash and many more.

    Pick Your Passion@UtrechtSciencePark (USP) - Thursday 20 April

    11:00-17:30 Several workshops where you could meet fellow students with the same interests in: Plants&Planet, Self-development&Spirituality, Geeks&Games and Creative&Craft. With workshops such as Drag workshop, board games, Forest Bathing, Macramé, Knitting and much more. Besides all the workshops, there was also a speaker stage, catering and of course the Pubquiz!

    Night Programme

    A unique chance to join a party or drinks at an open evening by:

    • Tuesday 18 April: UMTC and/or FISA (ESN/AEGEE/BuddyGoDutch/SIB)
    • Wednesday 19 April: Anteros
    • Thursday 20 April: SSR-NU

    Looking for a picture of yourself during This is UU?

    Our photographer Eline Bollaart took many great photos during the This is UU-week 2023. Looking for a specific photo she took of you during one of the workshops? Then contact Eline at:

    Recap This is UU-week 2022

    Curious about students' experiences during the 2022 edition? Click on this link for some portraits taken during the This is UU-week 2022.

    The best thing about the This Is UU-Week is the sociability, the workshops at Parnassos and meeting new people!

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