There are a variety of opportunities if you want to become active in sports in Utrecht.

Student sports organisations

There are over thirty student sports organisations related to Utrecht University.

Sports Centre Olympos

Sports Centre Olympos offers more than sixty different sports at an attractive rate. Next to group lessons you can use their fitness facilities, tennis and squash courts and other facilities.

Sports buddies

Sports buddies are here to tell you everything you need to know about your favorite sports. If you want, they can help you find someone with whom you can team up. At Olympos Sports Centre they also offer clinics regularly, where you can try out new sports, and have drinks once a month. Joining the Sports Buddues Community is free. This means you don't even need to become a member of Olympos. 

Elite sports

Do you practise sports professionally? In some cases you can claim extra (financial) support to help you combine your elite sports with your studies.