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The Skills Lab provides study coaching free of charge. You discuss with a trained student (peer tutor) any questions you have about studying. The coaching gives you more insights into your study approach. After the session you will be better able to determine what is not going well yet and what is needed to improve. The study coach can help you, for example, in planning your study and with your time management, how you can read and study efficiently or how you can prepare for your exams. This can help to reduce study stress and increase your enjoyment of your studies.

Before you sign up for a session, please read the information below to find out whether study coaching is what you are looking for right now. 

Practical information

  • For whom? For all students at UU. 
  • By whom? Study coaches are UU students from different faculties who work for the Skills Lab as student assistants. They have been specially trained to provide effective help. The team consists of both bachelor and master students.
  • One-off? No, you can come back a few times if you find it useful. Perhaps you have more than one question or you want to try out some advice or a tip and discuss how you're getting on.
  • What does it cost? Nothing. Study coaching at the Skills Lab is free.
  • In what language? The session can be conducted in both Dutch and English. International students are welcome!
  • How long? A session lasts 45 minutes, but you can come back for a few more sessions if you want.  
  • Location? You can choose between an online appointment, via MS Teams, or on location at the Skills Lab (2.45, UB USP).

Study coaching is provided by Skills Lab and Educational Development & Training.

Contact Skills Lab

  • Mail to or call +3130 253 630
  • University Library Utrecht Science Park | Room 2.45
  • Heidelberglaan 3, 3584 CS Utrecht