Making a schedule for your tasks can be easy, but how do you make sure it is realistic and adapted to this special situation we're living in? How can you give structure to you work and how do you make sure you can keep your concentration when you are studying at home? 

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The Skills Lab provides study coaching free of charge. You discuss with a trained student (peer tutor) any questions you have about studying. The coaching gives you more insights into your own situation. After the session you will be better able to determine what is not going well yet and what is needed to improve your (study) approach. The study coach can help you, for example, in planning your study and with your time management, how you can read and study efficiently or how you can prepare for your exams. This can help to reduce study stress and increase your enjoyment of your studies.

Before you sign up for a session, please read the information below to find out whether study coaching is what you are looking for right now. 


  • For whom? For all students at UU. 
  • By whom? Study coaches are UU students from different faculties who work for the Skills Lab as student assistants. They have been specially trained to provide effective help. The team consists of both bachelor and master students.
  • One-off? No, you can come back a few times if you find it useful. Perhaps you have more than one question or you want to try out some advice or a tip and discuss how you're getting on.
  • What does it cost? Nothing. Study coaching at the Skills Lab is free.
  • In what language? The session can be conducted in both Dutch and English. International students are welcome!
  • How long? A session lasts 45 minutes, but you can come back for a few more sessions if you want.  

Please note the following before you make an appointment: 

  • If you want to make an appointment to talk about your writing assignment, please make an appointment for writing tutoring.
  • However, do you want to talk about your planning, motivation or studying in general? You've come to the right place: make an appointment for study coaching below.  
  • The appointment is for a first session (duration: 45 minutes). A follow-up session can be scheduled later.
  • Please pay attention! You can no longer make an appointment for a session on location. All sessions are online, via MS Teams. 

Now, choose a date and time:

Study coaching is individual supervision that is designed to help you study better and more efficiently. In the coaching session, you work out why your studying is perhaps not going as well as you would like. Together with the study coach you look at what you can or should change to improve things. It may be that better planning or a different approach to your studies can help, and sometimes it may be to do with your motivation or concentration.

How do we do that?

In a session with the study coach you think about the way you study at the moment. By discussing all kinds of questions, it will become clear what you could change. You will be given strategies and tips that can help you.


The study coach can help you with all kinds of questions about studying. For example: what is good study planning? How can you improve your concentration? How can you read faster? What is the best way to prepare for an exam?

But even if you don't have a clear problem but feel that your studying is not going too well, the Skills Lab is here to help. Perhaps you find it difficult to get started, you spend too much time doing other things or you're not working with a clear aim in mind. We will discuss what the reason might be and what do do about it.

You are welcome at any time. Perhaps you've just started a new module or an exam is looming. Don't wait too long to change the way you study!

What can you expect from your study coaches?

  1. The study coaches ask questions to help you think more clearly about the way you approach your studies. For example: how do you study, how much time do you spend on it and do you find it interesting?
  2. You will be given tips. If you know what you want to change, your coach can give you tips to achieve it. For example: how can you read and study efficiently, what does a good weekly schedule look like and how can you manage distractions?
  3. The study coaches will tell you what other resources are available at UU in the way of skills training and tools, and possibly other support.

What should you not expect from your study coach?

  1. The study coach will not give you full training in your study skills. For this, go to the Skills Lab site for an overview of what is available at UU.
  2. The study coach is not an expert in the contents of your study subjects. If you have questions about that, it is best to ask your study advisor, lecturer or fellow student.
  3. The study coach can't help you with personal problems. If you want to talk about that, you should consult the study advisor, student counsellor or student psychologist.


Study coaching is provided by Skills Lab and Educational Consultancy & Professional Development 

Questions? Contact the Skills Lab:

Phone: 030 253 6300