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Online Coaching Center (OCC) is a student-focused initiative that works with peer-to-peer coaching. This social initiative makes coaching accessible to students who want to develop, discover, and learn. The OCC is part of the department of educational sciences. The coaching is free of costs, so coaching is available to everyone.

Coaches and the ones being coached learn from each other. For coaches to become a better coach, for the ones being coached to become better at seeing options, self-regulating decisions, and making autonomous choices. Everybody brings commitments to development.

The OCC is about learning together.

All coaches form a learning community supervised by experienced coaches. For quality monitoring and learning, your coach participates in a supervised learning-group. When a coach brings a case to the learning group it will be an anonymized case.  Both you and your coach will each fill out a short evaluation form for each coaching conversation. This is to support the learning process for both of you.   

Why OCC?

The Online Coaching Center offers the opportunity for young coaches to learn in a coaching community to improve their coaching performance. They want to contribute to the development of others.
Your coach is a carefully selected fellow student, trained as a coach. 

What you can expect from your coach: 

  • Curiosity and an eagerness to learn
  • The wish to explore your question with you 
  • The appreciation of what is already there  
  • A warm engaged heart  
  • The zest to experiment together and develop in the desired direction  

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