Deceased student

Termination of enrolment
Family and surviving dependants of a deceased student can request termination of enrolment in writing. Please direct your request, accompanied by (a copy of) the certificate of death and/or funeral card to:

Utrecht University
Student Counsellors
Academic Affairs
P.O. Box 80125
3508 TC, Utrecht
The Netherlands

Termination of enrolment is possible from the 1st of the month following the student’s death.

Tuition fee refund
For every month of the academic year remaining after termination of enrolment, 1/12th of the year’s tuition fees will be refunded. Please provide your bank account details in your written request for termination of enrolment. Any excess tuition fees will be transferred into that account. Any outstanding direct-debit authorisations will become null and void. If possible, the excess tuition fees will be transferred into the account for which a direct-debit authorisation had previously been provided.

Stop student grant and travel card DUO
If the deceased student was receiving a student grant and travel card from DUO, you should contact them as soon as possible, to have these stopped. DUO can be reached at +31 (0) 50 599 77 55.