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Caring Universities’ first results are in

As a student, combining your social life, studies, work and exercise can be quite a challenge. That makes it extra important to be aware of your mental state and to take good care of yourself. Caring Universities and the UU offer free online services to help you do this.

The Mind-Health check

The questionnaire was sent to all students enrolled at Utrecht University on January 7.

Completing the survey takes approximately 25 minutes and can be stopped at any given time. You can expect questions about psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, but also questions about your personality or daily functioning. The survey is send out once every academic year.

Online programmes

The online programmes are available year-round. On the platform you can get started in an accessible, anonymous and free way. There are modules available focusing on mood, stress, procrastination and corona-related complaints. Take a look and sign up at

After you’ve completed the questionnaire you will receive personalized feedback on your stress, anxiety and mood based on the answers you’ve given. This advice can vary from the advice to visit your General practitioner, a psychologist in the area or the student psychologists. For a number of complaints, Caring Universities has developed free online programmes, such as to improve your mood or reduce your stress. With these programmes you can work on your complaints anonymously, for free, and with guidance from a free online coach.

The Caring Universities team is working hard to expand the number of interventions we can offer, to make sure that more and more students can work on their complaints.

An international initiative

Caring Universities is part of an international initiative. The online survey was developed by Harvard University and is offered to students worldwide by the World Health Organization. 

Caring Universities takes it one step further by offering students free online programmes for various psychological issues. Caring Universities is a collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Utrecht and Universiteit Maastricht.

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