Parnassos CultUUr Café

Vier studenten met laptops in gesprek aan een grote tafel midden in het café

Are you looking for a place to drink coffee, chat with friends, work (together) on a project, play a game or just relax? A place to stay all day long without feeling the pressure to order a drink and where you can bring your own food? That is Parnassos CultUUr Café, Kruisstraat 201!

Parnassos CultUUr Café is open for all students from Monday until Friday between 10 AM and 5 PM. It is a five minutes walk from the city center or can be reached within fifteen minutes by bicycle from Utrecht Science Park. Check Parnassos Instagram for the latest updates.


Free programme
Every month you can participate in creative, sustainable and fun activities at Parnassos CultUUr Café. Interested? Check out the programme.

Would you like to organise an activity with your association or committee, such as a study afternoon, book swap, game night or pubquiz? Or are you a student looking for a place to set up an activity? Send an email to to discuss what is possible. The above opening hours apply to activities. 

Caféruimte met achterin een bar met een student en middenin een tafel met drie studenten
Drie studenten aan tafel met rode achtermuur van Parnassos


We want you to feel welcome at the university. Social bonding and meeting up are important. Therefore, additional locations are opened to make this possible. In addition to Parnassos CultUUr Café, you are also welcome in the Vagant at Utrecht Science Park.

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