Young Innovators explore and creatively contribute to the renewal of their social, economic and natural ecosystems

Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme and participate in the real-life experiences of pioneering communities? Do you want to cross the boundaries of your discipline and the walls of university? Do you want to do creative and action oriented research with an international group of students? Do you want to deepen your personal leadership and quest for meaning and understanding amidst the complex challenges we and our society’s face? If you are ready to take ownership over your learning journey and co-create this learning community, then join the Young Innovators Programme.

Building Regenerative Societies: personal leadership and innovation

The fragility of our societies, ecosystems and economies have become increasingly apparent over the last few decades. There are no simple solutions to the issues of ecosystem collapse, the degenerative externalities of our economic systems or the socio-cultural conflicts we witness. As the global economy and the belief in universal progress begin to wane the Young Innovators Programme looks for ways forward and explores regenerative practices that can be a starting point for renewal.

By connecting to places and communities where the issues are tangible and the people have made a start to turn around the way they work and live in order to become more resilient to the pressure on their economic, ecological and social wellbeing, we get a deeper understanding beyond theory and a chance to contribute. The sites for our creative action research are the Utrecht region and the Asinaro River Basin in Sicily where we are connected with front running local stakeholders from civil society, social entrepreneurs, government and university.