Unable to earn a diploma on time

If you are unable to earn your higher education diploma within ten years as a direct consequence of your disability or chronic illness ('special circumstances of a lasting nature'), there are two provisions based on which you may submit a request to DUO:

  • a five-year extension of the specified period for earning a diploma;
  • conversion of the performance-linked grant into a gift.

If the specified period for obtaining a diploma is extended, you will have more time to comply with the requirements of the performance-linked grant (i.e. obtaining a diploma within the specified time limit). For you, this period would then be fifteen years, instead of the usual ten years.

A request for conversion of the performance-linked grant is only possible if it is clear that you are no longer capable of ever obtaining a higher education diploma, as a result of your disability or chronic illness.

Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment with a Student Counsellor, via Student Services, to discuss your eligibility for one of the above provisions. If the Student Counsellor considers you eligible for an extension or conversion, you will receive the necessary forms from him/her. The Student Counsellor will also explain the further procedure to be followed.