Faculty-Specific Honours Programmes (BA)

Delve into your own discipline

If you follow an honours programme within your own degree, you will be challenged to delve further into your discipline and gain international experience, concluding your bachelor's degree with an honours thesis. The activities of the honours programme are small-scale and interactive, often through individual contact with lecturers. You'll follow additional in-depth working groups and participate in excursions, projects, trips, publications, seminars and study days.

Every honours programme is unique. Below you will find the possibilities that exist to follow honours education within your own programme.

There are also university-wide honours programmes.

Your Bachelor's Honours Programme

Utrecht University offers an honours program within every Bachelor's degree programme. To qualify for the honours certificate, you must complete at least a quarter of your bachelor's degree at honours level, partly within your major and partly outside it.

Faculty-Specific Honours Programme's

Would you like more information about honours within your programme? Then go to your programme page.