Student housing in Utrecht

Ways to find housing

When you search for housing try to spread your chances as much as possible by including various platforms, housing providers and social media. Also include surrounding towns and cities in your search. Read more on ways to find housing, do's & don'ts, locations to include and how to avoid scams on

Waiting list housing

There are waiting lists for social (student) housing. For SSH Long Stay, the waiting time ranges from 24 to over 30 months. On Woningnet you can apply for social (family) homes if you meet the requirements, but only after a considerate waiting period of 10+ years. 

Use your network

Many students find housing through their network. When you search for housing, try to actively build and use your social network, join a student organisation or mentor / buddy programme like Buddy Go Dutch, and ask friends and peers to keep an eye out for offers.

Check your rent price

It is possible to have your rent (re)assessed even after you have come to an agreement with a landlord. Huurteam Utrecht can help you with your case or you can ask them for more information about the procedures. Huurteam Utrecht also offers free advice and help if you have issues regarding maintenance, your service costs, or if you are facing intimidation by your landlord. 

Moving-out checklist

  • Inform the university about your change of address. .
  • Inform the municipality about your change of address. The municipality will notify DUO of your new address.
  • Inform DUO if your living situation is changing and you are no longer living with your parents, or are moving back to your parents’ home. In that case you have to notify DUO yourself, for this change affects the amount of your student finance.
  • Apply for a residence contents insurance and a liability insurance. With a residence contents insurance you insure your possessions that are in your room from theft, fire and other damage. A liability insurance covers the financial consequences of damage done to someone that is caused by you.
  • If you like you could apply for the PostNL service ('Verhuisservice'). They will forward your mail to your new address. This only applies if your old address is also in the Netherlands.
  • Register at a general practitioner in your new area. More information available on (in Dutch).