Gender transition

If you are transitioning, its social, medical and legal aspects can be a lot for you to deal with and may also affect your studies. The university offers a range of facilities (and financial assistance) to support transitioning students.

Support and advice 

If you are experiencing difficulties during your studies, you should contact your study advisor, who can discuss with you what support is available within the university and, if necessary, refer you to a student counsellor or student psychologist. You can discuss with the study advisor whether adjustments to your study programme are needed, for example, or what other practical educational and examination arrangements might be available.  

Read more about who to contact.  

Financial compensation for study delay 

If you are experiencing a delay in your studies because of gender transition, you may be eligible for financial support from the university. This is known as ‘graduation support’ and is provided through the University Profiling Fund. More information can be found on the graduation support page. 

If you would like to discuss the options for financial and other assistance through DUO, please make an appointment with the student counsellor via Student Services.

Updating personal data 

At UU we will use your given name (roepnaam) wherever possible. After all, this is the name which you have control over: you can change it at any time in Studielink so that we know how you like to be addressed, both in person and in writing. All IT systems you log on to with your solis-ID will then show your new name. 

Changes to your official first names, surname or gender will be automatically updated in OSIRIS as soon as the personal information has been changed in the Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen - BRP). Read more about this at Update personal information on the Students site. The EDI office is working on making it possible for students themselves to enter their preferred pronouns in OSIRIS.

Replacement diploma

The Regulations for Enrolment and Tuition Fees state that a student or former student can request a replacement diploma and diploma supplement. 

As soon as you apply for an official change to your first name, surname and/or a change to your gender and this is recorded in the BRP (or at the moment you can present proof of the change), the old diploma can be exchanged for a new diploma with your new personal details. There is no deadline for this, nor any extra costs; it can still be done many years after your enrolment or graduation.

Once your name has officially changed, please contact the student counsellors via if you wish to request a replacement diploma. 

Inappropriate behaviour and confidential advisor 

Utrecht University places great importance on a safe social climate for all students and staff. We treat everyone with respect, as laid down in the Code of Conduct. Even so, students or staff may be faced with inappropriate behaviour, such as intimidation or sexual harassment, discrimination, aggression, violence or bullying. You can seek advice and support from a confidential advisor for inappropriate behaviour. All the information you provide will be treated in confidence. 

Students can also talk to a student psychologist or study advisor. To find out who to contact, go to Contact.

All-gender toilets

Utrecht University is aiming to have at least one all-gender toilet in all buildings that meet the relevant conditions. Go to the UU Buildings pages to find out which buildings currently have an all-gender toilet. If a building does not have an all-gender toilet, the location of the nearest one will be given.

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