Workshop Master choice and career

studenten aan het werk

Are you looking for a master's programme but don't know exactly what will suit you? Do you remain uncertain about your choice or do you not know whether you want to do a master's? In the workshop Master choice and career you will learn how to tackle this.

For whom?

  • Students at Utrecht University
  • Are you at least a third year bachelor's student and have you not yet paid much attention to discovering your personal work preferences and qualities? Then first follow the Career Services training Self-Assessment for Career.


  • The workshop is free of charge and consists of one meeting.
  • You learn more about making choices: how do you go about this? What is the function of doubts? The emphasis is on finding masters that match your wishes and guidance in the process of choosing.
  • By means of tests and assignments, you will map out your motivation, interests and qualities. You learn how to translate this into master's programmes inside or outside Utrecht University and career perspectives.
  • You will receive tips on how to find good information on masters and career options.

Registration (only for UU students)

No English workshops available this period. 


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