You can submit a complaint, an objection or an appeal using a digital form. Before doing so, you should read carefully the instructions given below on how to fill in the form:

  1. Go to the digital form (see bottom of this page) and log in using your Solis ID and password. The language of the form is determined by your browser settings. If your browser is set to English, the form will be displayed in English. Please only fill in the form in English if you do not have a good command of Dutch.
  2. Are you unable to log in and fill out the form? Then use as login: studentx and password: appealx.
  3. Select the form you want to fill in: a complaints form or an objection/appeal form.
  4. N.B.: You must complete the form in one go. It is not possible to save changes before you have completed the form. Study the questions beforehand, collect – if necessary – all the details needed and then fill in the digital form. It is a good idea to write/type the information in a separate document first of all.
  5. If you are submitting a complaint, indicate on the form to whom you are submitting the complaint: the complaints coordinator for your study programme or faculty, the University College or the university complaints coordinator. If you do not know who the complaint has to be submitted to, the university complaints coordinator will make sure that the complaint is forwarded to the right person. If you want to submit some relevant documents at a later time, you should indicate this wish under question 4 on the complaints form. The complaints coordinator will then ask you subsequently to submit these documents. If you want to submit an objection or appeal, you should send the form to the Executive Board or the Examination Appeals Board. If you do not know where to submit the form, you should include a statement to this effect. The form will then be sent initially to the Executive Board.
  6. As soon as you have submitted the form, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation along with a copy of the form you filled in. You will also be sent more information about the follow-up procedure.

N.B.: If you have not received an email confirmation of receipt, if it is not possible to log in or if you have questions about the procedure, you should in case of a complaint contact the Student Information Desk for your study programme or faculty or Student Services. In case of an objection or appeal please contact Legal Affairs: +31 30 253 3075, or send your objection to or your appeal to You must submit your objection or appeal within six weeks of the day on which the decision was announced. You can submit a provisional objection or appeal and request postponement to state the grounds for your appeal.

Digital form for submitting a complaint, objection or appeal