After termination of your enrolment, you can still make use of the facilities for which you need a Solis ID for 180 days. Please note that you can only access the library facilities from within the library itself.

Please note that if you are no longer enrolled, you might no longer be entitled to student insurance, student bank account, etc.

Is this academic year the first time you have been enrolled in a Bachelor’s programme and do you wish to terminate your enrolment? Or would you like to prevent a negative binding study advice (dismissal) from your study programme? Then there are a few things you need to take care of.

Preventing a binding study advice

If you terminate your enrolment before 1 February in the first year of your Bachelor’s programme, you will NOT receive a negative binding study advice for your programme. You must submit a request for termination of enrolment via Studielink no later than 31 January in order for your enrolment to be terminated as of 1 February. After termination, you will only owe tuition fees for the months you were enrolled (1/12th per month of enrolment).

This rule does not apply to the bachelor of Medicine.

Please note! Do not forget to stop your student grant and travel card from DUO as of the date your enrolment is terminated (if you receive these) and do so before this date.

DUO “1 February regulation”

Was this academic year your first time receiving a student grant and travel card from DUO? If so, you may call upon DUO’s “1 February regulation”. This entails that if you stop your student grant and travel card with DUO before 1 February, the first few (maximum 5) months of your student grant will be converted into a gift (instead of a loan). These months will still be deducted of the maximum number of months you are entitled to a student grant and travel card from DUO.

Please note! To make use of this DUO regulation, you are not required to terminate your enrolment at Utrecht University as of 1 February. This is only a requirement in order to prevent a negative binding study advice for your study programme.

If you receive a student grant and travel card from DUO, there is a performance-related norm to which you should adhere. You are required to attain a final diploma (Bachelor’s or Master’s) within 10 years, counted from the date you first received a performance-related student grant and travel card. If you miss this deadline, your student grant and travel card will not be converted into a gift by DUO. To see how many years will be converted into a gift, and for more information on the DUO student grant, check the DUO website.

Are you likely to miss the ten-year graduation deadline due to circumstances beyond your control? Under certain conditions, you may qualify for an extension of the deadline. Under especially rare circumstances, your performance-related grant may be converted into a definitive gift. Please make an appointment with a student counsellor if you feel you may qualify for this.

If your studies were delayed due to circumstances beyond your control during the period in which you received a student grant from DUO, then you could get a 12 month extension on your DUO student grant (in case of chronic illness or disability), and/or financial compensation from Utrecht University to support you. If you would like to find out whether you qualify for either arrangement, please make an appointment with a student counsellor.

Has the wait for a residency position in Veterinary Medicine caused your study delays? Then you have two options:

  1. You stay enrolled. Are you still receiving a student grant from DUO? Then this delay may entitle you to financial compensation from Utrecht University.
  2. You terminate your enrolment. Were you receiving a student grant from DUO before termination of enrolment? Then this delay may entitle you to financial compensation from Utrecht University.

Please note! In both cases, you will need to apply for financial compensation within 4 months after the end of the academic year in which you had residency waits.