Utrecht University thinks it is important to have a safe social climate for all students and employees. We treat each other with respect. Nevertheless, students or employees might be approached in a way that is inappropriate to them. Inappropriate behaviour includes, but is not limited to: (sexual) harassment, discrimination, agression, violence or bullying.

Actions against inappropriate behaviour

Which actions can students and employees take to end inappropriate behaviour? We expect an active contribution from every student and employee that is not limited to just their own behaviour, but also includes being attentive to every form of inappropriate behaviour.

In order to stop the inappropriate behaviour, it is important to name and point out this behaviour. You can contact the person who is displaying the inappropriate behaviour and try to come to an acceptable solution together. It might be possible that this does not work or that there are thresholds to doing this. If this is the case, asking for external help may be a solution. Support may be expected from supervisors and colleagues. For further support, you may be referred to a Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour. 

You can contact a Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour for education, shelter, supervision and mediation. The information provided is always confidential. The Female Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour is Marian Joseph LLM and the Male Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour is Drs Frank Peters.

Please contact via email.

Meet Marian Joseph (YouTube)

If you decide to file a formal complaint after your contact with the Confidential Advisor, you can do so with the Committee for Inappropriate Behaviour. The Committee for Inappropriate Behaviour will investigate the complaint and advise the Executive Board on which measures to take. The requirements a complaint has to meet in order to be dealt with can be found in the Complaints procedure for inappropriate behaviour at Utrecht University. The Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour you contacted can help you to file the complaint.

Committee for Inappropriate Behaviour
Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht

Phone number +31 30 253 29 27
Email: secr.jz@uu.nl


Utrecht University has documented which ranges for behaviour and reflection are observed for students and employees in its Code of Conduct. The university has a Code of Conduct on Inappropriate Behaviour to prevent and combat inappropriate behaviour. There are also specific regulations for reporting intimidation, aggression, violence and discrimination.