Update personal information

At Utrecht University there are several (personal and contact) details that you can change at any time:

  • Your given name (in Dutch: roepnaam, the name you would like people to use when they address you) 
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address (personal)

In addition, there are also details that are only changed when they are updated in the Personal Records Database (BRP): think of your official first names, surname, gender, but also your official address (registered with the municipality).

Preferred first name (roepnaam)

At Utrecht University we try to use your given name (roepnaam) in all of our correspondence with you. You can change and update your given name (roepnaam) at any time in Studielink. All the IT systems you log in to with your Solis account will then show the updated given name. Please note that in OSIRIS the given name is referred to as: “Name (as known by)”.

The updated given name will be reflected in the following systems:

  • OSIRIS Student
  • Solis mail
  • Study planner
  • Remindo
  • Caracal
  • Topdesk
  • Office 365

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours before the change is visible in all IT-systems.

Official first names, surname and gender

Changes to official first names, surname or gender are automatically (and only) updated in OSIRIS when the details are changed in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

Telephone number and e-mail address

You can change your phone number and your private e-mail address in Studielink. Utrecht University will generally communicate with you via your UU e-mail address. If you have set a forward to a private e-mail address, don't forget to change it in your UU e-mail as well as in Studielink.


  1. You must always inform the Personal Records Database (BRP) of any change in your official home address. Studielink and Osiris will receive your address details via the BRP. The correct registration of your home address is also important for receiving a student grant from DUO.
  2. If applicable, also change your correspondence address in Studielink; this is the address to which mail from Utrecht University will be sent.

Change payment details

In Osiris Student, go to the Cases, then to My Cases and start the case called ‘CSa Change payment details’. Please note that you can only submit an update of your account number if you have issued a digital (direct debit) authorisation for payment of your tuition fees.

Please make sure to allow popups in order to open a new Case in OSIRIS.

Note: If you change from payment in instalments to payment in full, there will be NO refund of the administrative costs paid.


Please contact the Student Information Desk of your faculty if:

  • you are enrolled in a privately funded master’s programme.
  • you are enrolled in individual courses at UU, not for a full study-programme (as a 'contract' student).
  • you are enrolled at another university, but follow courses at UU (as a bijvak student).

In these situations, changes in Studielink or BRP will not automatically come through in OSIRIS.

In the above situations, you can also change your address yourself in Osiris Student.


Do you want to check whether a change has been made correctly, or do you have other questions about changing your personal details? Please contact Student Services.

Are you an exchange student, or enrolled as a contract or secondary course (bijvak) student? Then contact the Student information desk of the faculty.