Termination of enrolment

If you want to (temporarily) end your study programme or if you are graduating, you have to submit a Request for termination of enrolment in Studielink.

Be aware that (re-)enrolment is only possible with September 1st as starting date.


If you are enrolled in a privately funded Master’s programme or a premaster at the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, please contact your Faculty Student Desk.

In principle, it is not possible to terminate your enrolment (or request a refund of part of the fee) for a premaster's programme.

Refund of (a proportionate part of) the premaster fee is only possible if you are unable to participate in the programme due to exceptional (personal) circumstances, or if you are excluded from further participation by the Board of Studies due to insufficient study progress. In case of personal circumstances, please make an appointment with the Student Counsellor to discuss your options, via Student Services

Important information