If you are you planning to start a (new) programme, please see uu.nl/internationalbachelors and uu.nl/internationalmasters.


Students must re-enrol annually. You must complete your re-enrolment before the start of the new academic year (1 September).

Course registration

Aside from completing your enrolment as a student, you also have to register for courses. You'll find more information on the pages of your study programme. Also see the academic calendar and the timeslots.

Are you interested in enrolling in a minor? Click for an overview of our English-taught minors. Per minor you can find what the entry requirements are and how to register. 

Termination of enrolment

If you plan to withdraw from your programme, and terminate your enrolment at Utrecht University, there are several important matters to take into account.
If you wish to cancel your enrolment before the start of the academic year, you must withdraw your enrolment before 1 September (or 1 February, if this is the starting date of your programme).


Have you graduated or will you soon do so? Please read the information.

Update personal information

It is essential that you let us know of any changes to your address, contact and payment details.

Student card

Read all the information on when you will receive your student card, what to use it for and what to do if it's lost, stolen or damaged.