Study support group for students with ASD

Utrecht University offers a study support group for students with a diagnosis in the autistic spectrum. The group is called "SASS" for short. The group is supervised by a UU student psychologist and is Dutch spoken only.


The goal is to support the study progress in order to help prevent early drop-out and promote independence in the study process.

Content of the group meetings

An important part and fixed agenda item during the meetings is the study progress and study planning. Participants are asked to discuss each week a planning for the coming week or weeks and to tell how the planning of the previous time has worked out. The facilitators emphasise that planning should be concrete and achievable. Difficulties in planning or execution receive attention.

In addition, themes are discussed, preferably in response to questions or experiences from the participants. This is to enable the exchange of experiences. Themes can include taking initiative, asking for help, working together, study discipline, communication, stress/fear and learning about your strong points.  The themes are discussed as concretely as possible, based on the participants' own experiences in the context of ASD.

Important to remember in advance

In order to participate in a group, it is necessary that you are able and willing to exchange experiences with others. It is often the wish of parents that their son or daughter sign up for the group. It is important to put your own motivation, question or need on the table.


The group runs throughout the year, you can join at any time. The group meets once a week on Tuesday afternoon from 15.30 to 16.30.


Once only 25 euro, to be paid by iDeal when making an appointment for an intake.

Sign up

Interested students can register for an ASD intake. After the intake, the decision will be made whether or not to participate in the group.