Letter of recommendation from a student counsellor

Accompanying letter Student Counsellor

Do you intend to apply for a private fund for an internship or research project abroad? Some funds will require an accompanying letter from a student counsellor with your application for financial support. As the fund will require the full details of your application, the Student Counsellor will check a number of things.


It is important that you submit all the appropriate documents as well as this estimate. Log on to OSIRIS Student and select the tab ‘Begeleidende brief studentendecaan’.

Processing time

Bear in mind that processing time for the student counsellors is approximately three weeks. So be sure to submit your application to the student counsellors on time (at least three weeks before the deadline set by the fund). Can't make the deadline? Then send your application to the fund already indicating that the accompanying letter from a student counsellor will be forwarded later. Let the student counsellors know that only the accompanying letter has to be forwarded. You still have to send a complete application to the student counsellors. 

Fund application deadlines

Many funds insist on receiving the application at least 4 months prior to departure. Bear this deadline in mind. Even if you are still waiting for confirmation of an internship abroad, you can already submit your application to the fund. You should indicate in your application that the confirmation will be forwarded later.

Have you already submitted the application?

If you have already submitted the application to the fund and still require a letter of recommendation, submit copies of the entire fund application to the student counsellors. If you do not have a copy of the application, provide the student counsellors with this estimate as well as the following information

  • Duration of the internship or research project as well as the study credits/EC you are awarded with
  • Whether or not the internship or research project is compulsary and/or required abroad
  • The extent to which this relates to the Bachelor's or Master's programme (study credits/EC). Also indicate if it is extracurricular.
  • Whether or not the Board of Examiners has granted you permission to do this internship or research project
  • Avarage mark/grade
  • List of marks/grades
  • CV
  • Reference Letter from your lecturer/professor 
  • List of other funds you have applied to