27 May 2019
You can see at a glance how reachable and accessible a building is
Verkiezingen medezeggenschapsraden
27 May 2019
The names of the new council members of the University Council are now known.
22 May 2019
For up-to-date transport information, consult the websites of the transport operators involved
22 May 2019
A nomination must be made by 1 June 2019 at the latest
22 May 2019
The candidates for the University and Faculty Councils are known. You can vote for them from 20 until 22 May inclusive during the elections.
17 May 2019
Are you proud of your excellent bachelor research? Why not respond to the call for papers
16 May 2019
Registration is possible from 13 May
7 May 2019
On Saturday, 11 May, the test runs of the timetable will start
7 May 2019
Fill out a questionnaire about the location of the smoking facility at the library in the city centre.
3 May 2019
Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is wildly popular and currently the fastest growing water sport




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