Some programmes may slightly differ from the procedure below. It is best to check your study programme's information page on graduation to see the exact procedure.

Your faculty’s Board of Examiners determines when you graduate and what your final examination date (the date on your diploma) will be. You will have graduated when you meet all examination requirements. The Board of Examiners or your faculty student desk will inform you by email as soon as you meet (nearly) all examination requirements. So keep a close eye on your UU email account!

Please note: Graduating does not always mean your enrolment will end automatically. If you wish to terminate your enrolment before the end of the academic year, you have to do so yourself.

Financial arrangements with regards to the coronavirus

If you want to find out more about financial measures and possible compensation with regards to the coronavirus, please visit our page Financial matters and housing. There you can find an overview of important financial matters and regulations regarding this subject.

What to consider when you are (soon to be) graduating

When you are about to graduate, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

Also, check out the information on the DUO website, which lists what you need to arrange.

Postponing graduation

Do you wish to postpone your automatic graduation? Read more on the page Postpone your graduation.

After graduation

Read more information about:

Alumni Networks

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