Cross-link study information

Are you unsure about who to ask your university or study-related questions? This overview is designed to help you navigate the different UU services, whether your inquiries concern study-related support, practical information, or health and well-being services.

Here a list of the most frequented student services below:

Skills Lab

Skills Lab offers you an overview of workshops, courses and (individual) guidance regarding writing, studying and other academic skills. You can also get free writing tutoring or study coaching to boost your academic skills.

Student Psychologist

Our student psychologists offer (short-term) help and treatment for study-related or personal problems for all students at Utrecht University and students at the University of Humanistic Studies.


Utrecht University understands the necessity of wellbeing when building a fun and effective student life. That is why we make sure that this topic is discussed frequently, in different ways and different times. To focus on your wellbeing, you can participate in activities, workshops or study groups, talk to a fellow student or coach or sign up for the Wellbeing Week that is organised twice a year.

Coaching OCC  

If you require coaching about different challenges in your life, such as doubts, lack of motivation, or stress, you can get support from the trained coaches of the Online Coaching Centre. They are ready to help you in your personal development and contribute to your personal growth, adjusting to each individual situation.